GLT Introduces New Led-Based Ring Light For Custom Lighting Applications

6th February 2013
ES Admin

Global Lighting Technologies has introduced a new LED-based ring light that can be integrated into a wide variety of products from desk lamps to vanity mirrors to automotive interior lighting such as cup holders and clocks.

“The applications are limited only by the imagination of the designer,” said Brett Shriver, GLT’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

The optical portion of ring light is a two-piece design. An optical light guide incorporating two LEDs aligned on the input edge of the product containing custom designed optical extraction features evenly distributes the light rays around the ring. An injection molded diffuser plate containing a custom array of optical features is used to create the extremely uniform visual light distribution and to even out the specular nature of the light extraction features within the molded light guide.

GLT works with customers to seamlessly integrate the ring light into their custom product, providing full engineering and prototyping services. With 4 manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China, GLT can build customers’ products in even the highest volumes.

Pricing varies according to application, customer design requirements, size, and quantity needed. Please contact GLT for details.

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