From the fibre to the workpiece

16th September 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman


Laser process heads easily and safely guide light from fibre lasers to the workpiece. Alongside partner HAAS Technologies, LASER COMPONENTS offers two versions to suit a wide range of applications.

The G6 series laser process heads were developed for fibre lasers with a high output power, between 4kW and 5kW and are used primarily for high-speed cutting applications. The robust design is suited for harsh industrial environments.

The intuitive design of the G6 series ensures that changing the standard Ø1.1” optics and protective windows is quick and straight forward thanks to the optics cartridge system.

As well as the G6 series high-power fibre laser process heads, LASER COMPONENTS offers laser process heads for a medium power output of up to 2kW. The PHF-25 series uses Ø1.1” lenses for standard focal lengths.

For a low power output of approximately 100W, there is the PHFM series. This affordable series features a compact design and easy handling through an SMA fibre connection. The series targets applications such as plastics welding.

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