FLEXPOINT mounts with an integrated heat sink

2nd March 2021
Alex Lynn

With their fundamentally redesigned mounts, the FLEXPOINT modules from LASER COMPONENTS can be mounted in such a way that the beam does not deviate in the slightest from the desired position. The two standard versions for module diameters of 11.5 and 19mm are supplemented by a precision mount for 19mm modules.

With this model, the beam can be positioned on three axes with the highest precision. Two adjusting screws control the horizontal and vertical alignment of the laser in the tenths of a millimetre range. The third serves to adjust the rotation of cross-hair and line lasers to within a few degrees.

Heat generation becomes a problem, especially at a high laser power. If the housing is too warm, the beam parameters can change. In the worst case, the module will be irreparably damaged. Therefore, all three mounts serve simultaneously as passive heat sinks. The heat is diverted to the base plate where it does not cause any damage.

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