Flexishaper laser welding

31st January 2023
Harry Fowle

For high-speed, high-power laser welding, a clean weld may be achieved when using a special illumination profile consisting of a spot and concentric ring.  The optimal power ratio between the spot and the ring differs for different welding process parameters and system designs, so an adjustable ring-to-spot ratio enables the user to find the optimal ratio for each process.

For this application, LASER COMPONENTS offers the Flexishaper beam shaping module from partners HOLO/OR.  This module uses two identical diffractive optical elements placed on the same optical axis which, when rotated against one another can shape the beam propagated through them from 100% of the power in the central spot to ~80% of the power at the surrounding ring with almost no energy at the centre, with a continuous full range control of the power ratio in between these states.

The Flexishaper pair can be used with both single-mode and multi-mode lasers and can be adapted for large beams typically used with multi-kW lasers.

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