Flexible LED strips provide long lengths of uniform light

13th October 2015
Nat Bowers


Expanding its Matrix Platform family of integrated LED products, Lumileds has announced the LUXEON XF-3014 CV flexible LED strips. The 24V constant voltage LED strips distribute extremely uniform light across user-selectable lengths and require only a simple 24V constant voltage driver.

Applications such as edge-lit lights, downlights, cove lighting and accent lighting benefit from the LED strips’ outstanding flux uniformity and colour uniformity. The LUXEON XF-3014 CV strips are the industry's first LED strips to achieve 2% light output attenuation over a 10m strip.

“Our unmatched flux uniformity eliminates the possibility of spottiness or colour variation from strip to strip and over long lengths,” said Andrew Cohen, Product Manager, Matrix Platform family, Lumileds.

The LUXEON XF-3014 CV line of flexible LED strips provides 1,000lm/m and is offered as cuttable segments or with snap-in connectors. Specified at 2700K, 3000K and 4000K colour temperature and a minimum CRI of 80, the strips are offered in three configurations for design flexibility using:

  • 6 LEDs per segments cuttable every 96mm;
  • 6 LEDs, 96mm segments with connectors; and
  • 30 LED, 480mm segments with connectors.

Each 96mm segment produces 112lm with 105lm/W efficacy at 24V (3000K).

The Matrix Platform speeds time-to-market by offering turnkey solutions using proven, reliable LUXEON LEDs integrated with components and connectors on flexible or rigid substrates. The platform simplifies customer supply chains with its in-house capabilities and uses the most reliable and high quality assembly practices. The LUXEON XF-3014 CV line addresses the need for long lengths of LED flexible strips with uniform light output and simple 24V driver supportability that can be easily mounted with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

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