Fibre tips with ball lenses for end-face processing

7th August 2018
Enaie Azambuja

LASER COMPONENTS have provided custom ball lens profiles on the end faces of silica fibres. The plasma-based CMS process with ring-of-fire technology supports fibre diameters of 200, 365, 400, 550 and 600μm, including other diameters within the limits of the equipment. For fibres used in medical applications, end-face processing can be carried out in a clean room in accordance with ISO 13485. The entire process is also compliant to ISO 13485 hygiene requirements.

High sterile standards are important since these fibres with spherical lenses are often used in medical technology applications to optimise radiation characteristics in endoscopes for example.

The rounded surface of the ball lens reduces the risk of injury during the operation whilst at the same time controlling the beam characteristics of the laser. The same type of fibre tips is also used in other applications for coupling light sources with the fibre.

LASER COMPONENTS can meet all customer demands from single fibres to small series and, upon request, we can also conduct research projects. Ball lens fibres can also be integrated into OEM products. Other fibre tip modifications are also available upon request.

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