Fibre Stripper GPST-1100 for durable hard-coatings

12th August 2020
Alex Lynn

Lightel's Fibre Stripper GPST-1100 can remove the protective layers from up to five fibres at a time. This applies not only to acrylate, metal or silicone coatings. It also works with particularly hard and resistant materials such as polyimides or carbon, as well as robust multi-layer coatings.

The device supports the removal of the coating at the end of the fibre as well as window stripping with individually sized windows. Standard fibres can be processed the same as LDFs with diameters of up to 1.2 mm. The device may be ordered at LASER COMPONENTS.

The GPST-1100 uses Lightel's proprietary non-contact gliding plasma process, in which the temperature is controlled to decrease continuously during the stripping process leaving the fibre undamaged and retaining its strength. Its software is able to save up to twelve predefined stripping programs for automatic execution.

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