Fibre-coupled diodes suit distributed temperature sensing

18th March 2015
Barney Scott

The robust, hermetic assembly of Laser Components' fibre-coupled Avalanche PhotoDiodes (APDs) and Pulsed Laser Diodes (PLDs) make the devices effective for many applications. For example, high-power PLDs (as the laser source) and suitable low-noise InGaAs APDs are used for distributed temperature sensing applications, and Si Geiger-mode APDs are used for photon counting.

The fibres are aligned and fixed with high positional accuracy and close to the detector active area, or laser source, making the fibre-coupled devices especially suitable for sensing applications.

Flexible assembly technology allows almost every combination of optical fibre and APD – Si or InGaAs. In principle, all PLDs can also be equipped with a fibre connection, no matter which wavelength is required: 850, 905 and 1550nm.

All fibres with a core diameter of up to 400µm can be coupled. The devices can also be terminated with FC/PC or SMA connectors upon request. To optimise coupling efficiency, the fibre end faces can be finished with an AR coating.

These robust components can be used across a wide temperature range, and their design goes beyond the requirements of the Telecordia GR­468 directive.

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