FIBERCHECK finds breaks and faults in optical fibres

22nd February 2017
Enaie Azambuja

The LASER COMPONENTS‘ FIBERCHECK is the inexpensive and easy to use tool for finding breaks and faults in optical fibres by launching red light down the optical fibre which can be seen at the location of a problem. The FIBERCHECK is also an invaluable tool for helping to find the correct fibre in a fibre bundle, identifying tight bends or badly assembled connectors. It is suitable for both single mode and multimode fibres.

The robust handheld unit is equipped with a 2.5mm universal adapter, so can be used with all fibre connectors with 2.5mm ferrule, both PC and APC. Adapters are also available for 1.25mm (e.g .LC and MU) and 3.17mm (SMA) ferrules. The FIBERCHECK can be operated in both CW and pulsed mode at 2-3Hz.

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