Driving down cost-per-lumen

30th September 2016
Joe Bush

A multi-die high power package that provides high flux at high efficacy has been introduced Lumileds. The LUXEON 5050 enables system designers to reduce LED count and cost in outdoor and indoor fixtures. 

“The LUXEON 5050 is the superior choice for outdoor and directional lamp applications that demand high efficiency and cost effective design together with precise beam control,” said Ivan Tsoi, Product Manager for the LUXEON 5050.

In outdoor applications, the source delivers ˃155lm/W at a typical drive current of 160mA (4,000K, 70 CRI) and >180lm/W at 80mA. For indoor spotlights and downlights, the LUXEON 5050 can achieve ˃130lm/W at 160mA (3,000K, 80 CRI).

The LUXEON 5050 is offered in a range of colour temperatures (2,700K-5,700K) at 70, 80 and 90 CRI. The source is driven at 24V, which enables the use of low cost and high efficiency drivers for all solid state lighting applications. The LUXEON 5050’s surface mount device package features a thermal resistance (1.9kW), which reduces thermal management needs. Also, the LUXEON 5050 utilises a small round light emitting surface (4.6mm) which simplifies optical design and makes it easier to achieve high centre beam candle power.

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