Double spot DOE is highly efficient

25th January 2017
Enaie Azambuja


For some time, LASER COMPONENTS, alongside Holo/OR has offered double spot diffractive optical elements with up to 81% efficiency. For demanding and high power applications, even 1% power in higher diffractive orders beyond the two main beams may not be acceptable.

For this reason, we are pleased to add to our line, a newly developed High Efficiency Double Spot (HEDS), capable of splitting a beam into two spots with 97% efficiency (~48% input in each beam) with less than 0.2% input for the highest undesired order.

HEDS utilise a sub aperture approach, and thus are sensitive to centring. Additionally the spot size in the splitting axis is increased, meaning that each of the spots become slightly elliptical. HEDS are suitable only for single mode input.

As well as exceptional efficiency, the High Efficiency Double Spot features a high laser damage threshold, a tuned splitting ratio upon request and availability for operation at defined wavelengths between 193nm and 10600nm.

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