DALI power supply provides constant voltage of 16V

4th September 2014
Nat Bowers

Expanding the company's DALI product lineup, GlacialPower has introduced the GP-DP004N-16V. Suitable for a full 64 device DALI network, the power supply operates from a 100-240V input supply to output constant voltage at 16V and 200mA (enough to power a full 128mA DALI network and have current left over to power DALI devices without integrated power supplies).

Featuring up to 64 independent devices, organised by up to 16 groups, DALI is the newest standardised lighting control system. It offers fine control, better lighting efficiency, logarithmic dimming and simplified topology for lighting networks. The GP-DP004N-16V is compatible with DALI standard IEC62386 and, therefore, is inter compatible with all other DALI products.

A DALI system powered by GP-DP004N-16V can run up to the maximum 300m of wiring in the network without dropping more than 2V on a single line. The power supply also features over-current protection and short-circuit protection.

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