Custom designs for isosceles Brewster prisms

10th October 2019
Alex Lynn

LASER COMPONENTS has a wealth of experience in the manufacture and specialist coating of laser optics, including optical prisms. Its Isosceles Brewster prisms are used primarily in beam deflection and compensation of GVDs (group velocity dispersion) in femtosecond laser applications.

In such a setup the prism would be placed in the beam path such that the beam is incident on the leg face of the prism at the Brewster angle. In this instance, light that is polarised parallel to the surface is transmitted with negligible loss, and light that is polarised perpendicular to the surface is predominantly reflected. Isosceles Brewster prisms are typically supplied un-coated.

LASER COMPONENTS manufactures Brewster prisms in fused silica, SF10 and Suprasil 1 substrate material in a range of standard sizes. As with the majority of LASER COMPONENTS’ manufactured products, custom designs are available.

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