Construction operators benefit from British-made LED technology

4th December 2019
Alex Lynn

Technology which has helped keep the UK rail industry on track is set to enjoy export success and expand into a range of industries. Billions of train passengers heading into some of the biggest and busiest stations in the UK will have walked past the LED bulkhead lamps at the end of the line.

They are a UK-designed and manufactured product which are known for their outstanding reliability, each lasting a minimum of 100,000 hours. UK rail network approved, the LED illuminators are reliable in all weathers and in all environments, with a mean time between failure record which equates to almost 11.5 years of continuous use.

Now the dual circuit product’s manufacturers - Marl International – have announced that it is expanding the illuminators’ market to other rail networks across Europe, Australia and Asia. Its red and white illuminators are well-known in front of buffers the length and breadth of the country across the UK rail network, and are highly visible in all weather conditions, even in strong, direct sunlight.

Vandal-proof and suitable for harsh environments, the bulkheads are also ideal for perimeter lighting on major construction sites, big logistics depots, and for industrial traffic light systems.

The white lights are also well suited for lighting walkways, paths and subways around our towns and cities. With different colour ranges, such as red, orange and green, they can also be used in big warehouses for marking out different stages of a distribution process.

Graham Round, Marl’s Strategic VP North America & Int. Sales & Marketing Manager, said: “The 084 series has been an unsung hero of the UK rail network for years. Now we are finding that a range of industries all over the world can benefit from the outstanding reliability which has set this product apart.

“When it comes to construction sites, for example, the bulkheads can be removed when the project is finished and moved and reused on another site, as they will last for years. That makes them a great value for money option, as they are reusable as well as being incredibly reliable.”

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