Complete package for initial tests and test series

29th August 2018
Enaie Azambuja

LASER COMPONENTS has announced a plug & play solution for quick and replicable tests and test series for several LEDs in the ultraviolet spectrum. The AMPYR Evaluation Kit LED30UV contains an LED carrier with a heat sink, an AMPYR LED30W LED driver with an integrated heat sink, a plug-in power supply unit, and a six-pole cable for connecting the driver and carrier unit.

The carrier is already preconfigured for the requested UVA, UVB or UVC LED with the package supporting UV LEDs of up to 25W.

The LED30UV Kit supports the following models:

  • 6868 by LG Innotek, Seoul Viosys, Nichia
  • 6060 by LG Innotek, Vishay
  • 3535 by LG Innotek

So far, the evaluation of UV LEDs has often been a time-consuming and cost-intensive process. Frequently, new driver boards and heat sinks had to be developed for each new application. The test kit eliminates this additional work and gives developers more time for their actual tasks.

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