COB LED families offer high efficiency and easy installation

17th December 2014
Barney Scott

Providing high efficiency and offering easy assembly, Everlight has introduced two COB LED families, the XUAN series of high-power COBs and the Colour Choice (Colour on Demand) COB series, CHI. Covering the range of 2-50W, the Metal Core PCB (MCPCB) devices can achieve over 130lm/W

Designed with high thermal conductive Mirror-Aluminium substrate, it can be easily attached to the heatsink by holder or screws. Another feature of the XUAN series is its wide driving operation range, ensuring a super high efficacy in the typical driving state. In an over-driven state, however, it can still deliver a high lumen output and, with proper heatsink, also remains stable to bring about an economic lighting design.

Seven different designs on Everlight’s XUAN LED are currently available, in 1313 and 1919 dimensions, with colour temperature options from warm to cool (2700-6500K) and CRI ratings of 82 (over 80), 92 (over 90) and over 97 Ra. Everlight’s XUAN LEDs are a best fit for LED single light source applications like spotlights and downlights.

Another option is colour on demand. The Colour Choice series CHI COBs (9-29W) are designed on a ceramic PCB package and based upon two colour temperatures, 2700 and 5700K, which, when thoroughly mixed, can take on every ANSI colour temperature in this CCT range. All mixture points achieve over 110lm/W and a CRI of over 80 (R9 more than 0).

Everlight’s Colour Choice series directly targets indoor retail, hospitality and residential lighting applications. Offered with wattages of 9, 19 and 29W, CHI LEDs can supplement direct luminaires and spotlights with dynamic colour temperature variability, and allow the seamless setting of any desired colour temperature between 2700 and 5700K.

The Colour Choice series’ seamless colour temperature tunability is achieved by subdividing the COB into two electrically insulated segments for warm white and cool white, which can be driven independently from each other. Each circuit requires a separate power supply unit or a co-channel power supply.

This makes the Colour Choice series suitable for elegant and simple mood lighting, adjustment to changing daylight and decorative lighting aspects in private homes, stores, hotels and bars. CHI COBs are suited for with large spot lights in retail applications or smaller directional lamps like MR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38 lamps for general lighting use.

All Chip-on-Board LEDs from Everlight have completed LM80 lumen maintenance testing. A line of accessories, including standardised holders and appropriate reflectors, is available. Sampling and technical support are available upon request, with mass production scheduled for late 2014.

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