Bridgelux F90 Series CRI90 LEDs for commercial lighting

10th May 2021
Alex Lynn

Bridgelux has announced the commercial release of its F90 Series LED products for commercial lighting which deliver a minimum CRI of 90 combined with industry leading efficacy. Bridgelux F90 LED products use Potassium Fluorosilicate (PFS) phosphor technology licensed from Current Lighting Solutions, LLC for use in commercial lighting applications.

For traditional LED technology, higher CRI results in a lower efficacy. By replacing broadband red nitride phosphor with narrowband red PFS phosphor, the F90 LED products can achieve today’s CRI80 LED efficacy with a CRI of 90. Lighting customers can simply replace their existing LEDs in their lighting products with the new F90 LEDs for CRI90 conversion.

Bridgelux’s new family of F90 Series LEDs deliver a CRI of at least 90 and R9 of at least 50. The F90 2835 0.2W LED has a lumen efficacy ranging from 170lm/W to 210lm/W to meet the DLC (Design Lights Consortium) V5.1 Standard for different lighting products including T8 lamps, troffers, high-bay, linear ambient, and case lighting.

The F90 2835 1W LED has a lumen efficacy ranging from 139lm/W to 160lm/W for indoor directional lamps and downlights for commercial lighting. F90 LED products also meet the DLC Premium Lumen maintenance technical requirements L90≥36,000 hours. F90 Series LEDs can be incorporated in virtually any luminaire (such as linear lamps, downlights, spotlights, high-bay) and can increase the vividness of strong red colors which is particularly desirable in retail applications.

“By incorporating PFS phosphor to optimise emission spectrum in conjunction with our proprietary packaging technology, the F90 Series of LEDs is able to deliver both industry leading efficacy and high CRI. Bridgelux’s F90 product performance is the same or better than today’s CRI 80 packages,” said Tim Lester, Chief Executive Officer, Bridgelux. “Bridgelux has been an industry leader in lighting innovation for decades and we are proud to introduce these new exciting products to the company’s product portfolio.”

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