Benchtop based IR thermal test system for live testing

21st June 2017
Alice Matthews

A benchtop based PDR IR-TS One IR Thermal Test System has been introduced by PDR, designed to thermally cycle key critical components and assemblies to detect defects. Using PDR’s Non-Destructive Dual Thermal Stress Screening Process, based on a variation on HALT/HASS principles, the system is able to focus the testing on suspected problem areas to safely screen out early field failures caused by design, environmental, production and structural defects.

It is not always convenient to use an environmental test chamber for controlled thermal testing of just a confined area, such as a single component. It would be useful to be able to heat a component and PCB individually to different temperatures in a non-contact way without the use of chambers, nozzles, interchangeable heads or special tooling and on the benchtop. The PDR IR-TS One uses PDR’s dual zone IR heating and gas cooling process that independently heats the PCB and component in a safe thermal cycle and can be used during live system/function HALT/HASS testing.

Applications include component characterisation testing, bare die testing, component and PCBA design validation testing, solder joint validation, polymer bond testing. Industries include automotive, aerospace, defense, medical and consumer electronics. Design validation testing of any new component or PCB assembly for a critical application will benefit from this testing system, bringing thermal testing out of the chamber and on to the bench.

The TS One works alongside HALT/HASS/environmental Test Chambers, with the convenience of a benchtop system, so that you can FOCUS on the problem areas, greatly accelerating the process during design testing.

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