Beam dumps utilise a dual cone design

29th January 2016
Jordan Mulcare

For anyone using lasers laser safety must is a high priority. For high power applications the first line of defence before laser safety curtains or eyewear is a beam dump. LASER COMPONENTS now offer a range of beam dumps suitable for different power levels.

Convection cooled aluminium beam dumps are rated up to 50W and are available in 0.75 and 2” aperture options and are suitable for low to medium power applications. For higher power lasers there are water cooled dumps, rated up to 1000W with the option of a 2 or 4” aperture.

These beam dumps utilise a dual cone design, coupled with a special non-reflective coating, designed to eliminate back reflection. Furthermore they are designed to not reflect the beam outward, even if the non-reflective finish has been eroded by exposure, for safety and added peace of mind. Beam dumps are available with or without a stand, which can easily be mounted to either a wall or optical table.

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