Avalanche photon detector modules offer peak powers of up to 220W

1st August 2016
Daisy Stapley-Bunten

To complement LASER COMPONENTS' avalanche photon detector modules (the A-CUBE range), they have introduced the LS-series of pulsed laser diode modules. Available with peak wavelengths of 850, 905 and 1550nm and peak powers of up to 220W, these modules offer all the features needed to safely drive pulsed lasers of different powers.

All that’s required is a 12V supply and a trigger signal. Pulse lengths between 4-150ns are readily achieved. The LS series boasts the further benefit of allowing for adjustability in the pulse power and length through input voltage control permitting greater flexibility, for use in development trials for example.

No larger than a matchbook, both the LS and LC series are extremely powerful and adjustable. This makes them particularly well suited for R&D applications.

In fact, because even a single module offers so many different control options, the time leading up to product launch can be reduced by a significant margin.

Similar to the LC and LS series, both the driver and the pulsed laser diode are integrated in a compact cube with an edge length of only 40mm.

The L-CUBE can very easily be mounted in an optical bench or assembly. Fibre coupling is another advantage of the L-CUBE series and is available on an optional basis.

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