Avalanche photodiodes with market leading performance

2nd September 2020
Alex Lynn

LASER COMPONENTS has announced that it offers a wide range of avalanche photodiodes (APDs), optimised for different application requirements. The extremely sensitive detectors can detect light levels down to single photons.

The range of APDs include:

  • SAE series: Silicon epitaxial structure enables fast response time and low noise.
  • SAR series: Silicon reach-through structure with deep absorption region and very low noise.
  • SUR series: Silicon epitaxial structure with surface optimised for UV short wavelengths.
  • SAP series: Optimised for single photon counting in Geiger mode.
  • SAHA series: Silicon, mass production, low cost, low operating voltage.
  • IAG series: InGaAs APD designed for NIR 1000nm-1630nm wavelengths.  High gain (M>30), low noise.

The company can also offer APD arrays as well as APD drive electronics and modules for both linear and Geiger mode operation, which provide a simple way to evaluate our APD capability.  Request for custom variants are also welcomed.

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