APD drive electronics from Laser Components

9th October 2020
Alex Lynn

LASER COMPONENTS has announced that it now offers a wide range of avalanche photodiodes (APDs) with performance optimised for different signal levels, spectral ranges, bandwidths, temperatures and volumes. These extremely sensitive detectors can detect light levels down to single photons and are widely used in automotive, medical defence and scientific markets. 

In addition to these APDs, we design and manufacture APD drive electronics and modules for both linear and Geiger mode operation.

Our ABC 550-Series (Analogue Bias Controller) is designed for analogue mode operation with voltage control via a simple potential divider or external control voltage.

The dBC-Series (Digital Bias Controller) offers output voltage modulation via a digital interface (SPI or RS232) as well as analogue mode operation if desired.

Both modules have integrated temperature compensation circuitry to ensure stable APD gain as temperature varies.  An integrated current limiter ensures protection of the APD.  Accurate output voltage is provided with high stability (<0.01%) and low ripple.

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