940nm IR emitting diodes for smartphones and smoke detectors

8th November 2013
Nat Bowers

With the introduction of two new 940 nm high-speed infrared emitting diodes, Vishay expands its optoelectronics portfolio. Featuring narrow ± 9° angles of half intensity and extremely low profiles, the VSMY14940 and VSMB14940 diodes are ideal for remote control applications in space-constrained end products, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and also as high-intensity emitters for light barriers and smoke detectors.

Combining high radiant intensity and optical power with fast switching times, the VSMY14940 and VSMB14940 are available in compact 3.2 mm x 2.51 mm x 1.2 mm clear SMD side-view packages.

The VSMY14940 and VSMB14940 are based on GaAIAs surface emitter and multi quantum well technologies, respectively. With extremely high radiant intensity to 82 mW/sr at a 70 mA drive current, the VSMY14940 offers fast switching times of 10 ns and forward voltage of 1.48 V. Featuring a radiant intensity of 35 mW/sr, switching times of 15 ns and low forward voltage of 1.33 V, the VSMB14940 is suited for applications requiring lower intensity.

Ensuring a shelf life of 168 hours, the VSMY14940 and VSMB14940 high-speed infrared emitting diodes are RoHS-compliant, Vishay Green, halogen-free and lead (Pb)-free. Capable of lead-free soldering up to 260 °C, the devices provide a moisture sensitivity level of 3 in accordance with J-STD-020.

Part #




GaAIAs, surface emitter


Radiant intensity (mW/sr)



Radiant power (mW)



Forward voltage (V)


Switching time (ns)



Samples and production quantities of the new infrared emitting diodes are available now, with leads times of 6 to 8 weeks for larger orders. 

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