3.3A photorelay for testing and control applications

8th May 2014
Nat Bowers

Housed in a 6.3x7.0mm 2.54SOP6 package, the TLP3107 photorelay has been introduced by Toshiba. With a high-current of 3.3A (maximum), the photorelay is suited for factory automation, security system and testing applications, including power-line switching, feedback resistance switching and measuring-line switching.

Photorelays provide design engineers with fast switching speed, high reliability, lower power consumption and noise-free operation in a space-saving package, making them an alternative to mechanical relays. Consisting of a photo MOSFET optically coupled to an infrared light emitting diode, the photorelay utilises the latest generation trench MOSFET to realise an approximately 1.4 times higher on-state current than Toshiba’s existing product, the TLP3103.

Featuring low on-state resistance and high permissible on-state current, the TLP3107 will accelerate the replacement of mechanical relays in applications that require high density assembly. Replacing a 3A-capable DIP package with the 2.54SOP6 package reduces the assembly area by 40%, and the overall product height by half.

Other features include trigger LED current 3mA (maximum); off-state output terminal voltage 60V (minimum); and isolation voltage 1500Vrms (minimum).

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