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New IMD-3101 radar system with special vision

1st June 2022
Paige West

With the IMD-3101, InnoSenT is launching a new radar system with an adapted coverage area specifically for motion detection in individual aisles of high-bay warehouses. The product is part of the cost-effective and user-friendly IMD series (InnoSenT Motion Detectors), and its narrow aperture angle clearly sets it apart from the typically wide-angled motion sensors. In addition, it can be integrated as a plug-and-play system in just a few steps and is ready for use.

IMD-3101 for targeted motion detection

The 24GHz FSK radar detects speed, direction of movement, and distance of moving people and other objects such as forklifts. The maximum range of the system is 80m, and it detects people up to 60m away. The aperture angle is 15° in azimuth and 114° in elevation. The IMD-3101 detects movements between 0.23 and 28.8km/h precisely and reliably. The fast update rate of 100ms ensures that no detection event remains unseen. The system requires a supply voltage between 3.8 and 7.2 V to operate.

InnoSenT developed the product for various automation applications that benefit from the special design of the radar beam. In addition to the automated light control of hallways in industry, typical applications include the monitoring of areas along a building. As soon as the IMD-3101 senses movement, it emits a signal to control reactions such as controlling lights or triggering an alarm.

It is also possible to program the sensor so that activation occurs after a certain time has elapsed or an event has occurred with a certain frequency. Then, the activation is only triggered once the device detects object movement over several measuring cycles.

Reduction of time to market and easy commissioning

The IMD-3101 also boasts other configuration options. The user can set two different filters to adapt detection even better to its location or purpose. The transmission of the trigger signal can be filtered based on the measured values of speed, distance, signal strength, and direction of motion.

With the IMD-3101, InnoSenT delivers a ready-to-use system that can be integrated into the end application in just a few steps. Since it already includes signal processing, this cuts back the development work required. This makes the product usable by companies for their application even without specific radar expertise. If required, it can be set up right away as a plug-and-play system, and a housing is optional. InnoSenT provides a GUI for easy configuration and data visualisation. The radar system provides the radar data as an event list via a UART interface. In addition, the product has an open collector output for direct transmission of the trigger signal.

15° x 114° field of view for challenging surroundings

Some automation processes require concentration on a limited area. The sensors are supposed to detect movements in a particular area in order to trigger a technical function only when an event occurs within that area. Adjacent aisles or paths might be ignored, for instance, because a different system is handling motion detection there. No false alarms must occur due to movements in the adjacent area and interference between sensors positioned close to each other.

InnoSenT resolved this challenge with its smart antenna design and state-of-the-art signal processing. In order to perfect the signal-to-noise ratio despite the long range, the company optimally adapted the product design.

Thanks to radar technology, the motion detector is also very tough and works smoothly under extreme conditions, such as darkness, heat, and cold. Dirt or bad weather conditions have no impact on the performance of the radar system. This makes the IMD-3101 well-suited for outdoor applications as well as for use in warehouses and production facilities.

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