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Multi-purpose COMINT Receiver platform

29th June 2022
Paige West

Novator Solutions announces the upcoming release of HUGIN 4000 family of receivers optimised for strategic COMINT applications meeting tomorrows demands.

HUGIN 4000 is based on the latest software defined radio technology and build on a modular hardware and software architecture. 12 individual RF inputs, 960MHz aggregated bandwidth and a 6144 narrowband DDCs makes HUGIN 4000 one of the most cost-efficient multi-purpose COMINT receivers on the market.

Increased capacity, improved performance & reduced channel cost

Learning from previous generation receivers, the new platform provides superior sensitivity of -163dBm/Hz and high dynamic range of 112dB enabling interception of both very weak and strong signals side by side. The 12 receiver inputs with 80MHz bandwidth each can be individually tuned from 2MHz to 6GHz. With 6144 narrowband DDCs and 960MHz aggregated bandwidth operators can intercept any emitter without compromise and decide later which interceptions to process and analyse.

HUGIN 4000 has six times more receiver inputs, three times more DDCs, 2½ times more real-time bandwidth and overall improved performance compared to its predecessor HUGIN 2000. At the same time, we achieved a price reduction of 30% or more dependent on number of receiver inputs.

“The close collaboration with our Partner Rheinmetall Electronics UK was significant to achieve the new level of signal quality with 54 effective bits IQ sampling resolution," says Henrik Ulfhielm, CEO for Novator Solutions.

This multi-purpose receiver platform can adapt its functionality from monitoring to scanning receiver mode or from narrowband to wideband data streaming. Additionally, the phase coherent tuning feature paves the way for beam forming and direction-finding applications, all in a single platform using the same hardware.

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