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High performance DACs are “drop-in” replacements for industry standard parts

19th April 2006
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Focus EDL has announced a high accuracy quad 12-bit DAC that will interest designers looking for a low cost “drop-in” replacement for industry standard parts from several leading manufacturers.
The ICM7363, produced by ICmic, offers very low power consumption making it suitable for portable systems and a wide output voltage swing making it ideal for digital gain and offset adjustment applications.

According to Tom Freeman, Focus EDL’s FAE for the ICmic product family, this new DAC is the first of a range of low cost, high performance devices that the company will announce over the next quarter. “The ICmic product range will satisfy a very wide range of applications where the need to get the highest performance within a tough budget is key. These DACs are drop-in replacements for industry standard parts and, when used in production quantities, they offer considerable cost savings” says Freeman.

Packaged in a 16-pin QSOP, the ICM7363 features a 1.25V reference and will operate from a supply range between 2.7 and 5.5V. The reference output is available on a separate pin and can be used to drive the reference input of each DAC. Alternatively, each DAC can be driven by an external reference.

Power consumption is 150µA per DAC (5V) and 100µA per DAC (3V) and full scale settling time is just 8µs.

The input interface is an easy to use three-wire SPI/QSPI compatible interface. Each DAC can be individually controlled and has a double buffered digital input. A serial data output allows for daisy chaining applications.

Picture shows Tom Freeman

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