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Fed up of poor WiFi signal at home?

3rd October 2017
Alice Matthews

Do you dream of achieving a strong and steady WiFi signal throughout your entire home? Myriad factors can impede WiFi signal; from the size of your house to the placement (and thickness) of walls and doors. Home networking solutions provider, devolo, now offers two options to extend WiFi reach throughout the home: Powerline and GigaGate. devolo Powerline adapters provide you with high speed Internet from the electrical socket. 

Connect your computer, consumer electronics and additional network-compatible devices to the Internet easily using the simple home network.

The Powerline adapters use the household power line for the Internet connection, making any power outlet an Internet connection. A fast connection in all rooms and on all floors is now possible without complicated wiring. Get your LAN from the electrical socket − on all floors, in the basement and even in the garden with Powerline.

Worried you’ll lose a socket? Never fear, the adapters come equipped with their own integrated socket to plug whatever you want into - the bonus being that this won’t have any effect on your internet signal.

devolo’s dLAN 1200+ WiFi AC Powerline adapters make use of your home’s electrical circuit to provide new WiFi spots and connection speeds of up to 1,200Mbps.

The Powerline solution is compatible with multiple adapters, meaning you can extend the signal all the way out to your shed or basement.

The other WiFi solution on offer by devolo is the GigaGate WiFi Bridge. Based on powerful WiFi technology, it is designed to deliver a fast, point-to-point connection exactly where it’s needed in the home.

GigaGate carries your router’s signal over a 2Gbps connection for a supposedly unmatched entertainment experience anywhere in your home. The GigaGate uses a base unit and a satellite device to deliver interference-free, pinpoint-accurate connectivity to smart TVs, games consoles and media centres, with a dedicated WiFi access point to keep all of your devices online.

It’s a powerful solution for a connected home that offers huge bandwidth, WiFi range and a dedicated high-speed gigabit port for even the most demanding of today’s connected devices.

For example, if streaming your favourite series is a breeze in your living room, but a nightmare in your bedroom, you can connect up the GigaGate WiFi Bridge and it will carry your router’s signal over a 2Gbps connection. You simply plug the base unit into your router and place the satellite unit where a powerful connection is needed for connected devices such as smart TVs, games consoles and media centres.

Up to eight satellite devices can be connected, not only from one room to another but also from building to building, for a complete home network solution. The latest 4x4 Quantenna technology provides high-performance, point-to-point connection over the 5GHz band with maximum network security thanks to AES encryption, making GigaGate fast, secure and safe.

Starter kits are available for both Powerline and GigaGate solutions. devolo also produce Home Control, a smart home system designed to improve comfort levels, energy savings and safety.

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