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CEVA imaging & vision DSP powers image processing LSI chips

23rd October 2015
Nat Bowers

Socionext has licensed and deployed the CEVA imaging and vision DSP to power its latest-gen Milbeaut image processing LSI chips targeting surveillance, digital SLR, drones, action and other camera-enabled devices. The first Milbeaut image processor integrating the CEVA DSP is the MB86S27 which will shortly be in volume production.

Mitsugu Naito, Corporate Vice President Head of Business Group Ⅲ, Socionext, commented: “The inclusion of the CEVA imaging and vision DSP in our Milbeaut series of image processors allows our customers achieve true product differentiation by implementing proprietary technologies and applications that can take advantage of its powerful vector processing engine. The DSP offers outstanding performance, flexibility and power efficiency for implementing such advanced algorithms, making it the ideal choice for our imaging processing products.”

The MB86S27 is equipped with a powerful Codec Engine originally developed at Socionext, and is designed for delivering high resolution 4K video. It comes with 360° distortion correction and other state-of-the-art image processing functionalities suitable for high quality video with devices such as surveillance cameras, drones, action cameras and drive recorders.

The MB86S27 is designed to serve the growing need for high-definition, high-quality video in a broad range of rapidly expanding applications. These include surveillance cameras that are seeing an increasing demand worldwide, drones that record in off-limit or hazardous areas, action-cameras in non-sport applications and drive recorders effective for traffic accident investigation and their potential feasibility as an integral part of new insurance programmes. In addition to 4K video capability, the device integrates hardware macros specialised for various image processing, reducing the CPU load.

Power consumption is as low as 1.3W, when operating with 4K at 30fps. With the MB86S27, Socionext is developing and providing video-optimised platforms and firmware, as well as picture quality consulting services, delivering comprehensive solutions to customers.

Gideon Wertheizer, CEO, CEVA, added: “We are honoured to welcome Socionext to the extensive list of leading companies adopting our imaging and vision DSPs for their image processor SoCs. Advanced computational photography and embedded vision capabilities are key differentiators in next-gen camera-enabled devices and our DSP brings these features to Socionext’s Milbeaut products in a low-power, cost efficient manner.”

CEVA's imaging and vision DSPs addresses the extreme processing requirements of the most sophisticated computational photography and computer vision applications such as video analytics, augmented reality and ADAS. By offloading these performance-intensive tasks from the CPUs and GPUs, the highly-efficient DSP dramatically reduces the power consumption of the overall system, while providing complete flexibility.

The platform includes a vector processor developed specifically to deal with the complexities of such applications and an extensive Application Development Kit (ADK) to enable easy development environment. The CEVA ADK includes an Android multimedia framework that streamlines software development and integration effort, a set of advanced software development tools and a range of software products and libraries optimised for the DSP.

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