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Boonton SGX1000 18GHz RF Signal Generator Series

20th January 2022
Louis Regnier

The SGX1000 series of 3/6/18GHz RF Signal Generators from Saelig combines technology to provide high performance CW and swept signal generation

Saelighas introduced the Boonton SGX1000 RF Signal Generators - a new series of instruments that combine high performance RF signal generation capabilities with an intuitive user interface. They cover a frequency range from 10MHz to 18GHz to provide superior operational performance such as extremely fast frequency switching, phase noise figures as low as -123 dBc/Hz (3GHz with 10kHz offset) and ultra-low 55fs jitter.

Boonton’s design, combining direct digital and direct analog synthesis, has resulted in an RF source with ultra-fine frequency resolution, fast frequency switching, low phase noise and jitter, and strong reliability. The SGX1003 (3GHz), the SGX1006 (6.7GHz), and the SGX1018 (18GHz) all utilize a unique non-PLL (phase locked loop) design with a digital front-end, and a direct, proprietary back-end that provides superior CW and sweep capabilities. 

The SGX1000 series is built on the latest Boonton instrument platform which offers an easy-to-use modern interface in a compact form factor (3.5x8.3x11.2”; 7lb) and is optionally rack-mountable. The intuitive, multi-touch display enables easy parameter access and configuration for performing frequency and/or power sweeps, as well as adjustments to amplitude, frequency, phase, and pulse modulation settings. These all help the instrument to address a wide variety of RF test requirements.


  • Frequency range: 10MHz to 18GHz
  • Output power range: -50 to +18dBm
  • 10/100MHz reference input
  • Multi-touch, touchscreen
  • Very fast switching speed 
  • Ultra-low phase noise  
  • Ultra-low jitter 
  • Excellent amplitude accuracy  

The SGX1000 series represents the first product example that combines the technology of Boonton and its recently acquired RF manufacturer Holzworth Instrumentation to deliver RF products.

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