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BMR driver has an extended frequency range of 100Hz -20kHz

2nd December 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Featuring extended frequency response and wide directivity, the TEBM130H rectangular BMR driver has been released by Tectonic. The driver, which is based on the company’s patented technology, is suitable for audio applications that require a full-range, high performance speaker, in a compact, slim-line form factor.

As audio frequencies increase, conventional cone designs have narrower coverage and ‘beam’, limiting optimum listening to a smaller ‘sweet-spot’. BMR designs deliver full range audio to the entire space while maintaining a clear stereo image.

Providing 180° of sound dispersion, the TEBM130H BMR driver is currently available in 8Ω, with a thickness of less than 30mm. On request, the driver can be customised.

"The TEBM130 is suitable for use in flat panel TVs, sound bars, sound stands and whiteboards," said Caroline O’Brien, Managing Director, Tectonic Elements. "The driver’s extended frequency range of 100Hz -20kHz and very wide sound coverage is achieved from a single unit with dual motors. Similar performance from conventional speaker technologies would generally require multiple drivers, cross-overs, and would be deeper than a BMR."

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