Zilog Releases New ZMOTION 20-Pin Occupancy Detection MCU Featuring Advanced Embedded Sensing Technology

10th May 2012
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Zilog today introduced its latest motion sensing and control technology ideal for occupancy detection applications, including customer sensing, lighting control, and other energy management applications.
Zilog's ZMOTION MCU features advanced occupancy sensing technology that combines a high-performance MCU with unique embedded software specifically designed for products requiring control based on Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detection. Zilog’s ZMOTION Detection and Control Product Family is a series of MCUs with embedded motion detection algorithms that can be combined with a wide selection of lenses and PIR sensors to meet a wide range of applications.

The ZMOTION MCU ships with built-in software-based motion detection algorithms. These motion detection algorithms comprise the PIR engine and run in the background of the MCU, while control and status of the engine is accessed through a software Application Programming Interface (API). You can create your own application-specific software with these APIs while taking advantage of the PIR technology, which provides a dramatic improvement in both sensitivity and stability over traditional motion detection designs. Zilog’s PIR technology is also scalable to many market segments including lighting control – for which it is especially suited – and to solar-powered, off-grid, motion-activated LED lighting as well as HVAC control based on occupancy, access control (doors and gates), escalators, vending machines, displays, proximity activation, power management, occupancy sensing, and many additional applications.

“Zilog’s 20-pin ZMOTION Occupancy Detection and Control product is paired with a new development kit that makes for quick and easy integration into custom-designed applications. Our new ZMOTION product offers our customers dramatic improvements in both sensitivity and stability over traditional designs. Within the world of IXYS power management semiconductors, this MCU offers digital control solutions that reduce energy consumption in facilities, and it does it based on the occupancy of the room. Furthermore, occupancy sensing is key to the security and safety industry as it applies to factories, commercial sites, automotive applications, and homes. Zilog is well known for the proven history of its rugged cores. Because they are easy to program, we provide a solution with a quick time to market for our customers,” said Steve Darrough, Zilog’s VP of Worldwide Marketing.

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