Why and how to protect microcontrollers efficiently

10th October 2018
Lanna Cooper

In this video, STMicroelectronics explain why it is important to protect against electrostatic discharges.

STMicroelectronics give a quick demonstration to show exactly what happens when you shoot at a microcontroller with an ESD gun!

Generally speaking ST’s ESD protection devices, including transient voltage surge suppressors (TVS), clamping diodes and arrays, or Transils, focus on:

  • IEC 61000-4-2 compliance
  • Protection efficiency with low clamping voltage
  • Protection reliability with low leakage current
  • Signal integrity with ultralow capacitance and ultrawide bandwidth

At STMicroelectronics standard packaging options are available, as well as advanced options which include single- and multiple-line, compact, flat, and flow-through versions to optimise space constraints.

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