USB Type-C controller helps minimise BOMs

15th December 2015
Mick Elliott

The UTC2000 USB Type-C controller from Microchip Technology is now being shipped by Mouser Electronics. This controller chip provides backward compatibility with USB legacy data protocols and standards, allowing designers to cost-effectively add a USB Type-C connector to new or existing products, speeding time to market ad minimising bills of materials (BOM).

The USB Type-C is designed for USB 2.0/3.0 downstream facing port (DFP) and upstream facing port (UFP) applications and performs all of the necessary detection and control required for implementing a basic USB Type-C connector.

In DFP applications, the controller can detect passive cables, powered cables, and USB audio adapters, and includes features such as host enable control and overcurrent detection.

In UFP applications, the UTC2000 controller detects a valid USB Type-C connection, the plug orientation, and the charging capability of the DFP. The UTC2000 also monitors VBUS to ensure a valid range and to detect overcurrent.      

Housed in a 16-pin QFN package, the UTC2000 controller’s small form factor allows designers to add USB Type-C to a variety of products, including computers, docking stations, battery chargers, and mobile devices.

The UTC2000 can operate from a single 4.5V–5.5V supply, supporting up to 15W, and is available in two temperature range options: commercial (0 to +70 degrees Celsius) and industrial ( 40 to +85 degrees Celsius).

The controller is supported by the UTC2000 Evaluation Kit, which demonstrates the form factor and reversibility of the USB Type-C cable. The kit includes a DFP board and a UFP board — both with onboard UTC2000 controllers — and a USB Type-C cable.

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