New R32C/100 CPU Core-based Flash microcontrollers for automotive applications

26th February 2008
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Renesas Technology Europe has announced 50 new products comprising 11 groups as new additions to its R32C/100 Series of Microcontroller Units (MCUs) with on-chip flash memory for automotive systems. The MCUs in this series are built around the R32C/100 high-performance 32-bit CPU core, the most advanced available in the M16C Family of complex instruction set computer (CISC) MCUs. Renesas Technology has developed this MCU family concept to meet the automotive industries needs for higher performance, scalability of memory sizes and packages, optimized functionality combined with low power consumption and high reliability.
The new MCUs delivery approximately twice the processing performance of the M32C/90 Series when operating at the same frequency, thanks to enhancements that include an improved CPU architecture, 32-bit multiplier, single-precision FPU, and high-functionality barrel shifter. The power supply current of the new MCUs is less then 0.7mA/MHz typical.

The on-chip HND (Hyper New Dinor) flash memory combines fast read/write performance with excellent reliability. The write speed of the new MCUs is about three times faster than that of the M32C/80 Series, allowing large amounts of data to be written to the flash memory in much less time. This enables a substantial improvement in in-line programming throughput for manufacturers engaged in mass production.

One of the new MCUs most salient features is a 4Kbytes to 8Kbytes large on-chip flash memory for data storage. This electrically erasable programmable read only memory (E2PROM) emulation flash (E2 Data Flash) offers a memory block graduation of small 32byte block sizes for fast erase function. The E2 Data Flash allows 100,000 rewrite cycles and includes a background operation (BGO) function. This allows the CPU to access programs stored in the flash memory while the contents of the E2 Data Flash is being rewritten. This function offers flexibility equivalent to E2PROM, since data can be rewritten while an application is running. It contributes to reduced overall system cost, because external E2PROM, for storing initial parameters and settings, is no longer needed. Alternatively, there are product versions available with no E2 Data Flash.

The new MCUs incorporate a single-wire debugging interface (NSD) that enables connection of an emulator via a single wire, which carries the signals used for debugging. This allows debugging of all functions, and the on-chip flash memory can be programmed “on board” via the same interface.

Each new MCU product group includes a full range of on-chip peripheral functions useful for automotive control applications. These include timers for three-phase motor control, watchdog timer, advanced intelligent I/O, A/D converter, serial interface, and direct memory access (DMA) controller. In addition, power consumption can be reduced by using the on-chip oscillator in conjunction with wait mode.

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