MPU supports multiple-image processing & 3D graphics

7th October 2015
Nat Bowers

Enabling the rapid development of high-performance Linux and Android applications, Renesas Electronics has announced the RZ/G MPU series. Designed for industrial, home appliances and office equipment employing an HMI, the RZ/G series extends the capabilities of the successful RZ/A series MPUs to deliver high-end performance in applications such as image processing, video sensing and 3D graphics and multimedia at up to 1080p resolution.

The RZ/G series utilises Renesas’ proprietary Full HD video codec (processing up to 1080@60) in addition to the PowerVR SGX540 (RZ/G1E) or PowerVR SGX544MP2 (RZ/G1M) 3D graphics core from Imagination Technologies. These IP blocks make it possible to develop highly effective UI on products ranging from hand-held medical devices to digital signage by incorporate elements such as simple still images, 3D graphics, plus video content. This functionality improves UI expressiveness and adds value to new products.

The RZ/G series is comprised of two product versions: the RZ/G1E with dual ARM Cortex-A7 CPU cores operating at up to 1.0GHz and the RZ/G1M with dual Cortex-A15 CPU cores operating at up to 1.5GHz. This range of high-end options lets customers tune their designs for either power or performance. Each RZ/G device includes an 800MHz DDR3 external memory interface, which provides ample performance margin for applications including image processing of multiple video streams for monitoring systems and video sensing such as face recognition. High-speed interfaces including USB 3.0, PCI-Express and serial ATA are integrated on-chip, allowing easy expansion of functionality without the need for external components. Functional IP modules and memory map are common over the entire RZ/G series lineup, so the same drivers and software can be shared among different products in the series, thereby enhancing design scalability.

The RZ/G series is backed by an ecosystem of Renesas partners that provides system integration services, GUI frameworks, middleware, OS support, board design, as well as sales of evaluation and mass-production boards. These products and services help limit the increasing workload and cost associated with hardware and software development of complex, high-end systems. Buoyed by partners like Cogent Embedded, Timesys, Adeneo Embedded, and others - all leaders in embedded open source development with expertise spanning Linux and Android system integration, middleware and GUI support - customers will be able to confidently tackle their next embedded projects and remove 40% from their typical development cycle.

RZ/G series MPUs support Linux 3.10 LTSI, which will let customers develop secure and flexible systems within a proven, industry-standard development flow. Android KitKat support will be available later in 2015 and Linux kernel 4.1 will also be supported. The two available starter kits for the RZ/G1E and RZ/G1M devices will simplify the prototyping process. Each starter kit offers an abundance of connectivity options plus board support package and documentation. With the high-end RZ/G series of MPUs, Renesas simplifies complex display and control devices with a world-class integrated software and hardware platform. Board support packages and development kit documentation will be available from www.elinux.org and the RZ/G GitHub site by the end of October 2015.

Samples of the RZ/G series are available now. Mass production of the RZ/G MPUs is scheduled to begin in July 2016 and is expected to reach a volume of 100,000 units per month in July 2017. (Availability is subject to change without notice).

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