Microcontrollers endure testing at 125°C

15th October 2015
Barney Scott

The latest STM8S Access Line microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics are tested up to 125°C to ensure enduring performance at sustained high temperatures in applications such as lighting controls, motor drives, and industrial automation. The STM8S103F3U3 exceeds the performance and features of other devices in the market.

The MCU is based on ST’s efficient STM8 16MHz 8-bit core and state-of-the-art peripherals that include a 10-bit ADC, two 16-bit capture/compare timers, an 8-bit general-purpose timer, UART, SPI and I2C, and 8K Flash, 1KB RAM, and 640B of data EEPROM provide plentiful on-chip storage for Access Line target applications.

The 20-pin UFQFPN20 package is the smallest in the current STM8S range, and is specified at 125°C. Its space-efficient 3mm2 outline has 16 user I/Os providing access to the powerful integrated microcontroller features. In addition, the wide operating-voltage range of 2.95-5.5V gives flexibility to interface easily with legacy 5V circuitry or with lower-voltage low-power logic.

The STM8 microcontrollers benefit from innovative implementation of the 125°C test flow at the wafer electrical test stage rather than after packaging. This has allowed continued use of proven high-parallelism final-test technology without modification to integrate high-temperature testing.

The STM8S103F3U3 is available immediately, priced from $0.46 for orders of 1000 units.

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