MCUs offer strong security for IoT applications

13th April 2021
Mick Elliott

The RA6M5 group of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) from Renesas use high-performance 200 MHz Arm Cortex-M33 core with TrustZone, security enhancements, and CAN FD.

They are in stock at distributor Digi-Key Electronics.

The MCUs are ideal for IoT applications requiring strong security, rich connectivity, and large embedded RAM for connectivity stacks.

The group has many communication interface options with CAN FD, Ethernet MAC with DMA, USB full speed and high speed, and various serial communications.

With the Octa-SPI interface, the large 2 MB on-chip Flash and 512 KB on-chip RAM can be extended even more. The increased RAM with ECC is ideal for safety critical applications. The integrated stand-by RAM, along with the low power consumption of the Renesas 40 nm process, is optimum for low-power applications.

On-chip data Flash can be used as an EEPROM and saves an external component. The memory block swap feature in conjunction with the secure crypto engine makes RA6M5 the best choice for applications where flexible in-field firmware updates are required.

After a new firmware is written to the Flash using background operation (BGO), Flash blocks of 32 kB can be swapped to change to the new firmware.

The highly power efficient RA4M5 with 107 µA/MHz in active mode (while running the CoreMark algorithm from Flash at 200 MHz) and extremely fast wakeup times from stand-by (30 µS from MOCO) is ideal for performance-hungry, communication-intensive low power applications.

The RA6M5 makes it easy to develop IoT edge devices with embedded artificial intelligence (e-AI), using the flexible software package (FSP), fast-start software for security and connectivity, and development tools from Renesas and the Arm partner ecosystem.

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