MCUs combine CAN and CIPs to improve response times

21st February 2018
Mick Elliott

PIC18 K83 microcontrollers from Microchip Technology are in stock at Mouser Electronics. The 8-bit microcontrollers combine a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus with an extensive array of Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) to improve response time to critical system events.

The CIPs handle tasks without code or supervision from the CPU, increasing system capabilities and allowing engineers to more easily implement CAN-based applications.

The microcontrollers contain 15 time-saving CIPs in 28 pins with up to 64 Kbytes of flash memory. The CIPs include digital peripherals such as three Complementary Waveform Generators (CWGs) that enable high-efficiency synchronous switching for motor control, and two Direct Memory Access (DMA) controllers that enable data transfers between memory and peripherals without CPU involvement.

The microcontrollers offer intelligent analogue peripherals such as a 12-bit analogue-to-digital converter with Computation (ADC2) for automating analogue signal analysis for real-time system response, and a Capacitive Voltage Divider (CVD) for advanced touch sensing, averaging, filtering, oversampling, and threshold comparison.

The on-chip CIPs can be easily configured through the MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC), a free software plug-in that provides a graphical interface to configure peripherals and functions specific to the application.

Through the MCC tool, engineers can configure the PIC18 K83microcontroller with a few clicks.

System designers can benefit greatly by saving time, as it is significantly easier to configure a hardware-based peripheral, as opposed to writing and validating an entire software routine, to accomplish a task.

The PIC18 K83microcontroller family is ideal for applications using CAN in the medical, industrial, and automotive markets, such as motorised surgical tables, asset tracking, ultrasound machines, automated conveyors and automotive accessories.

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