Flash microcontroller from Renesas will enable next generation motor drives

26th September 2006
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Renesas has introduced the SH7211F, what it says is the fastest general purpose flash microcontroller to date. Featuring two banks of Renesas’ leading-edge MONOS flash that is at least twice as fast as its closest competitor, the device is ideal for use in ‘next generation’ motor drives and many other high performance industrial systems requiring excellent real-time-behaviour, as well as general purpose applications. MONOS, by the way stands for Metal Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon Technology.
The device’s two banks of MONOS flash are interleaved and cached to achieve over 350 Dhrystone MIPS performance. MONOS Flash offers a read access time of just 12.5ns now and the next generation will be even faster at just 10ns.

The device’s SH-2A CPU core has a superscalar harvard structure with twin execution units and five-stage pipelines to achieve a 2.4 MIPS/MHz performance rating. The CPU also has 15 register banks, each with 16 general purpose registers 32bit wide. Hence the CPU can react very quickly to interrupts; in just 40nS at 160MHz.

The SH7211F has 512Kbyte of MONOS Flash and 32Kbyte of RAM. The device also has a fast (2.5µs) 12-bit analogue ADC with 3x sample and hold circuitry and two powerful timer units (MTU2, MTU2S), each of which can drive an AC motor. Hence the SH7211F is ideal for high-end 3-phase motor control, and can reduce the system cost of such drives where systems with one MCU per motor can be replaced by a single SH7211F driving two.

The device’s MTU2 has dead time control, direct hardware emergency shutdown and phase counting mode for quadrature encoder feedback. The MTU2 can also trigger the ADC to convert with an additional programmable delay. The device can be programmed to skip up to seven interrupts in cases where responses to each single interrupt are not needed.

The peripheral set features a Direct-Memory-Access Controller (DMAC) and the popular, versatile Data Transfer Controller (DTC), so that all peripherals and memories can be serviced without burdening the CPU. In addition to the MTU2/MTU2S the device has a two channel Compare Match Timer (CMT). It has four serial ports with FIFO, one I2C channel, a watchdog timer, a two channel 8bit DAC and a flexible Bus State Controller (BSC) with support for RAM, Flash, SDRAM, PCMCIA and muxed/non-muxed selection.

The SH7211F is available now in a RoHS-compliant 144-pin LQFP package. A Renesas starter kit (RSK7211) will be available early in the first quarter of 2007, but orders can be placed now. The SH7211F features On-Chip-Debug (JTAG) to enable debugging using Renesas popular E10A-USB debugger, available ex stock. Renesas offers its own C compiler and Renesas’ partner KPIT offers a ‘free of charge’ GNU CC, which are both fully integrated into Renesas HEW user interface. For high-end emulation requirements, Renesas offers the E200F emulator and support from Lauterbach is also available.

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