Evaluation and development system supports Ramtron’s FRAM-enhanced 8051 MCU

1st June 2006
ES Admin
Ramtron has introduced the VersaKit-30xx, a complete and comprehensive evaluation platform that supports the VRS51L3074, Ramtron’s new fully integrated, high performance Versa 8051 microcontroller with 8KB of FRAM memory.
The VersaKit-30xx facilitates system prototyping and design development with the VRS51L3074 – a fast and flexible, FRAM-enhanced system-on-chip with a 40 MHz 8051-core, DSP extensions, a JTAG program/debug interface and a robust set of enhanced communication interfaces.

The development board includes a comprehensive set of probe points and header footprints for easy access to chip peripherals and I/Os, an RS-232 transceiver and two DB9 connectors for UART access, eight user-programmable LEDs and two tact switches for manual reset/interrupt triggering. There is ample prototyping space along with JTAG access for in-circuit programming/emulation and non-intrusive debugging of the VRS51L3074.

For evaluation of Ramtron’s FRAM memory devices, the board also features an FM31256 Processor Companion, an FM25CL64 (Serial SPI FRAM) and an FM24CL64 (Serial I²C FRAM).

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