8-bit microcontroller targets automotive and industrial applications

26th March 2007
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Toshiba’s latest compact 8-bit CMOS microcontroller combines 16kByte of SuperFlash memory with a large number of serial interfaces and new analogue IP blocks for LVD (low voltage detector) and POR (power on reset) functionality. The TMP86FH92 is based on Toshiba’s low-power, high-performance TLCS870/C core and is ideally suited to automotive and industrial applications including actuator control, sensor interfacing and power supervision. A fully automotive qualified version of the device is available.
Designed to minimise external component count, the TMP86FH92 features single-channel UART and single-channel SEI outputs, an I2C/UART connection and an 8-pin LED driver output capable of delivering a typical 20mA drive current. Twenty-four further I/O ports are available.

On-board peripherals include a 10-bit, six-channel successive approximation type ADC with sample hold feature, a single-channel 16-bit timer, dual-channel 8-bit timer, and watchdog timer. Both the 16-bit and 8-bit timers offer event counters and PWM and PPG output modes. The built-in LVD function can be set with two voltage thresholds, while the POR circuit features a detection voltage of 2.4V ± 0.2V.
The TMP86FH92 is based on Toshiba’s TLCS-870/C core, which offers 731 basic operations and can accommodate 23 interrupt sources.

Low power consumption is achieved by combining low voltage operation (down to 2.7V at 8MHz and 4.5V at 16MHz) with nine separate low-power states. A four-channel key-on-wakeup facility allows the device to be activated from these states.

Supplied in an ultra-compact, 30-pin SSOP package, the new microcontroller has dimensions of just 10.0mm x 5.6mm x 1.2mm.

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