32-Bit CISC microcontrollers bring functional enhancements for wider range of applications

4th December 2007
ES Admin
Renesas Technology Europe has announced enhancements to its H8SX family of 32-bit CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) microcontrollers. With the addition of the H8SX/1638 and H8SX/1648 groups, there are a total of eight models featuring a 50MHz maximum operating frequency, 50MIPS performance, and comprehensive on-chip peripheral functions. The enhanced family of microcontrollers offers a wide range of products ideal for varied systems in PCs and office automation (OA), digital consumer, and industrial products.
There are also plans to expand the line-up to a total of 20 models with the addition of 5.0V products and on-chip USB products by the end of 2007. These products offer compatibility with the current H8SX family, offering a flexible approach to system functional enhancements and version upgrades.

The new models incorporate up to 1 megabyte of flash memory capable of 1-cycle access at the 50MHz maximum operating frequency. A deep software standby mode*1 has been provided as a first for the H8SX family, enabling standby power consumption to be further reduced.

Five flash memory capacities of 256, 384, 512 and 768 kbytes, and 1 Mbyte are available. The H8SX/1638 provides a pin-to-pin, upward compatible 1MB Flash version to the ROM-less H8SX/1651,1650. The line-up includes 120-pin and 144-pin standard package products, allowing a user to select the ideal model for any of a wide range of systems, from low-end to high-end.

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