32-bit CISC microcontroller family with network-oriented functions and up to 1 Megabyte Flash memory

3rd March 2008
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Renesas Technology Europe has enhanced its H8SX family of 32-bit CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) microcontrollers with the addition of the H8SX/1658R and H8SX/1668R series. These two groups comprise products suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, including PC and office automation (OA) devices, digital consumer products, and industrial equipment. The H8SX/1658R and H8SX/1668R models are functionally enhanced versions of Renesas’ current H8SX/1653 and H8SX/1663 groups featuring an on-chip USB function. The addition of these new groups brings the total number of models in the H8SX family lineup to 26.
The H8SX/1658R and 1668R series offer an easy to use set of on-chip peripheral functions, 1-cycle access Flash memory up to 1 megabyte and are available in packages that are pin compatible with current Renesas products.

The H8SX/1658R and H8SX/1668R group devices include USB 2.0 (Full Speed) and EXDMA controllers. They are suitable for use a wide range of digital consumer products that are equipped with a USB function and perform high-speed processing of image and printer output data. In addition, all devices feature a deep software standby mode* that enables standby power consumption to be further reduced. On-chip peripheral functions include an 8-bit D/A converter and a 10-bit A/D converter with multi-sampling and high-speed conversion capability. A serial communication interface (SCI) supporting 720 kbps (bit per second) high-speed transfer, an I2C bus interface, a DMA controller, and a programmable pulse generator are also included.

The devices feature a 50 MHz maximum operating frequency and three Flash memory capacities of 384, 512, and 1024 Kbytes. The Flash memories feature single power supply operation and 1-cycle access capability providing high-speed operation, helping to simplify product design and achieve fast program processing.

The new ICs use QFP-120 and 144-pin packages that are pin compatible with current Renesas models, allowing existing hardware assets to be used and product performance and functionality to be upgraded. The package line up includes BGA and LGA formats that are currently under development.

The H8SX/1658R and H8SX/1668R groups also feature an on-chip EXDMA controller. This additional module allows the direct-drive of a TFT display without the need of an external LCD- or graphics controller. Current products use the internal system bus during data transfers to or from external memory, preventing processing that uses the system bus from being performed during a data transfer, and thus lowering system processing efficiency. EXDMA is a data transfer function that uses an external bus, making it possible for the internal system bus to be used during external memory transfers, and so enabling processing efficiency to be improved.

A Renesas Starter Kit (RSK, samples available) is under development and planned to be available by end 1Q08. RSKs are low-cost, complete with E10A debugger and software and are highly user-friendly. In addition, alliance partners such as Thesycon and Segger are providing USB stack and operating system support.

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