Secure USB stick for industrial data protection

8th February 2019
Alex Lynn

Manufacturer of industrial-grade flash memory solutions, Swissbit, has launched of PU-50n DP, a durable USB stick with internal AES-256-bit encryption, access protection and optional ROM/WORM function. The USB 3.1 mass storage device is available with eight, 16, 32 or 64GB (MLC) and four, eight, 16 or 32 GB (pSLC). 

The memory of the USB stick can be partitioned into different logical sections. Each presents itself as a separate mass storage device with a freely configurable data protection policy.

PU-50n DP offers four access policy options: A ‘CD-ROM partition’ provides read-only data such as boot code, SW installers or any data, that must not be overwritten. The second option is a ‘private partition’ that encrypts and protects data. After secure PIN login, this partition is unlocked and available for unrestricted read-write access. 

A ‘public partition’ can be defined without any restrictions equal to a standard USB stick. The fourth option features ‘hidden storage’ that stores WORM data (Write Once, Read Multiple) or random accessible data that can be controlled in every detail.

PU-50n DP is the ideal response to highest industrial data protection security requirements. The USB stick can be used to securely store applications, software updates and sensitive user data. Audit trails saved in the WORM store document the complete life cycle of host systems in a manipulation-proof manner. 

Software updates for offline systems can be made available by PU-50n DP in different ways by read-only protection or even more securely by protected update forcing strong mutual authentication between target system and the PU-50n DP. The possibility of Device Integrity Checks and an Authenticity Check helps to monitor and control that the PU-50n DP is in exactly the intended functional state and has neither undergone manipulation nor counterfeit of device and stored data. 

PU-50n DP is able to form one unit with the host as if the storage device were soldered onto the host PCB. The removable USB concept however keeps usage highly flexible and intuitive.

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