SD & MicroSD cards perform in demanding applications

4th August 2015
Barney Scott

Swissbit has introduced the S-450 and S-450μ series SD and Micro SD memory cards, delivering top performance for demanding applications while maintaining high reliability and robustness. By combining SLC flash components with a powerful system architecture and intelligent firmware, Swissbit has been able to produce what it terms one of its best high performance, high reliability industrial SD memory card solutions.

Taking the next step up in performance, the S-450/S-450μ cards comply with UHS-I bus mode, speed class 10 and offer a sequential data rate up to 90MB/s for reads and 75MB/s for writes. In order to offer a maintenance free product with lowest total cost of ownership for high end applications, no compromise has been made on robustness, data retention or reliability. The use of Swissbit’s intelligent algorithms enable the memory cards to deliver up to one hundred times longer data retention than conventional SD memory cards.

Swissbit’s S-450 and S-450μ series have been optimised for the most challenging SD applications where a high percentage of write operations occur and where data retention at maximum Programme-Erase (PE) cycles are required. These cards are designed for boot code execution, data logging, and transaction packet storage.

S-450 (SD) and S-450μ (Micro SD) memory cards are equipped with intelligent Read Disturb Management (RDM) alongside an autonomous, performance-neutral background “auto refresh” process. This data care management improves data reliability beyond the already high levels achieved by SLC. The combination of fast flash devices and powerful controller allows these complex management tasks to be achieved efficiently. This keeps system utilisation under all conditions well below the specified limit, allowing a high sustained IOP rate and guaranteeing compatibility with a wide range of industrial and networking applications.

Diagnostic functions offering highly detailed status information plus standalone data maintenance guarantee data retention for many years, even in especially rough environmental conditions and extreme temperatures.

S-450 and S-450μ memory cards prevent read disturb bit errors even in intensive read applications. Users benefit from the shortest possible downtimes due to an extended operating life in the field and extraordinarily long data reliability.

Selected hardware, materials and production processes in automotive conditions ensure that the SD and Micro SD memory cards are of the highest quality. The high-performance controller offers what Swissbit calls the best ECC on the market. Power fail safety is achieved by transaction log based firmware and has been verified in the stringent Swissbit product qualification process utilising fully asynchronous power down cycles.  Firmware upgrades can be performed both in the factory and in the field.

S-450 SD memory cards from 4 to 32GB are available now. The Micro SD form factor and low densities will follow in the coming months. Depending on the project size, Swissbit is also able to realise customer-specific modifications.

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