Ramtron's 64-kilobit F-RAM enhanced processor companion with embedded 32kHz crystal

10th March 2008
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Ramtron International has launched the FM3135, a 64-kilobit (Kb), 3-volt Processor Companion product that combines the benefits of nonvolatile F-RAM memory with an enhanced real-time clock/calendar (RTC) and integrated 32kHz watch crystal.
“The most commonly used and lowest cost crystal is a through-hole component,” explains Craig Taylor, Director of Applications and Technical Support. “Embedding the crystal cuts bill of material costs, removes the cumbersome step of inserting and soldering a through-hole crystal (often done by hand), and eliminates the possibility of fatigue on the crystal pins during assembly and handling.”

The FM3135 is designed for use in meters, elapsed time monitors, time-of-use recording, and other data-storage applications that require time-stamping. The high endurance and fast writes of F-RAM combined with an RTC make it ideal for systems that time stamp events.

The FM3135 combines 64Kb of F-RAM with an RTC that incorporates an alarm and a programmable frequency clock output. The alarm compares user-programmed alarm values to corresponding RTC time/date values, creating an ideal solution for applications such as high-end televisions that boast automatic on/off, channel switch and parental controls, and personal video recorder (PVR) functions. An industry-standard 2-wire bus is used to access the memory and to control the RTC. Available in a 20-pin SOIC package, the FM3135 operates at 2.7 to 3.6 volts over the entire industrial temperature range (-40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees C).

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