Ramtron - 8-Megabit parallel nonvolatile F-RAM memory

23rd July 2009
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Ramtron has announced the availability of its 8-Megabit (Mb) F-RAM memory in a streamlined FBGA package. The FM23MLD16 is an 8-Mbit, 3-volt, parallel nonvolatile RAM in a 48-pin Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) package that features fast access, virtually unlimited read/write cycles and low power consumption. Pin-compatible with asynchronous static RAM (SRAM), the FM23MLD16 targets industrial control systems such as robotics, network RAID storage solutions, multi-function printers, auto navigation systems, and a host of other SRAM-based system designs.
“The 8-Mbit F-RAM parallel memory and our recently released 4-Mbit FM22LD16 are designed to meet customer demand for higher density memory for write-intensive data collection applications,” remarks Mike Peters, Ramtron Marketing Manager. “Both products are pin-compatible, enabling an easy density upgrade. The FM23MLD16 allows system designers eight times the F-RAM density in an equivalent TSOP32 package footprint,” adds Peters.

The FM23MLD16 is organised as a 512K x 16 nonvolatile memory, accessed with an industry standard parallel interface. Access time is 60ns and cycle time is 115ns. The device reads and writes at bus speed for NoDelay™ writes with endurance of at least 1E14 (100-trillion) writes and 10-year data retention.

The FM23MLD16 offers superior performance over battery-backed SRAM (BBSRAM), as it does not require a battery for data backup. The FM23MLD16 is a true surface-mount solution, requiring no rework steps for battery attachment and, unlike battery-backed SRAM, is highly resistant to moisture, shock and vibration, making F-RAM ideal for harsh industrial applications. The FM23MLD16 includes a low voltage monitor that blocks access to the memory array when supply voltage drops below a critical threshold. The memory is protected against an inadvertent access and data corruption under this condition.

With a convenient interface to current high-performance microprocessors, the FM23MLD16 features a high-speed page mode that enables 8-byte burst read/write operations at up to 33MHz. The device draws 9 milliamps for reads/writes and a typical standby current of 180 microamps. It operates from 2.7 to 3.6 volts over the industrial temperature range (-40 degrees C to +85 degrees C).

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