Phison introduces specialised SSDs for video and surveillance systems

9th February 2024
Sheryl Miles

With the advent of high-resolution video and surveillance systems, the demand for stable performance (sustained performance) and power loss protection in SSD storage devices continues to rise among video recording equipment and surveillance system integrators.

As such, Phison Electronics (8299TT), a provider of NAND controllers and NAND storage solutions, has announced the launch of specialised SSD storage solutions for video and surveillance systems, including the mid-high-range S12DI and the cost-effective S17T SSD solutions.

According to market research data, the global shipment volume of video and surveillance systems is approximately 35 million units annually. While traditional mechanical hard drives (HDDs) have a price advantage, their speed performance has gradually become insufficient to meet the demands of high-resolution video recording. Additionally, traditional HDDs face issues such as high failure rates, power consumption and loud noise. As a result, the demand for SSDs in high-resolution video and surveillance systems is steadily increasing. Market research agencies predict that the global shipment volume of HDDs and SSDs used in video and surveillance systems will exceed 50 million units with a compound annual growth rate of 7.4% by 2027, indicating substantial business opportunities.

“From safeguarding buildings, observing remote locations for suspicious behaviours to monitoring CCTV footage, our specialised SSD storage solutions are designed to meet today’s era of high-resolution recording,” said C.S. Ma, President of Phison Electronics. 

The specialised SSD storage solution introduced by Phison delivers the following key features:

  • Sustained Write Performance to prevent dropped frames
  • Power Loss Protection (PLP) to ensure data is effectively preserved in the event of a power outage
  • Reliability and durability to support continuous intensive data writing for extended periods, such as 24 hours

In addition to offering a maximum sustained performance of 500MB/s, PLP power loss data protection, a warranty period of over three years, a maximum storage capacity of 7.68TB, and support for a wide temperature range, Phison’s specialised SSD storages solution also incorporates Phison’s exclusive Smart Rescue intelligent data recovery software tool. The Smart Rescue tool assists customers in recovering SSD data under specific abnormal conditions, making it a significant boon for users in need of a stable and reliable SSD storage solution for video recording and surveillance. 

In the future, Phison will continue to release SSD solutions tailored to market demands, aiming to comprehensively support global video recording equipment and surveillance systems for manufacturers by creating secure and reliable specialized custom SSD storage solutions with added value.

PHISON’s quick facts

  • Over 23 years of experience in NAND controller IC design and module integration
  • Over 3,800 employees globally, and more than 75% are engineers
  • Nearly 2,000 memory-related patents globally
  • Target long-term revenue of over NT$100 billion through the 5+5 growth strategy
  • Exceeds 20% of the global market share of SSD controllers
  • Exceeds 40% of the global market share of Automotive NAND controllers
  • Business model that can produce consistently strong cashflow and profits over long-term NAND memory market cycles
  • Committed to maintaining long-term partnerships with our global NAND flash supply sources and with our downstream module customers

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