NVMe SSDs increase performance and double capacity

12th December 2017
Alice Matthews


The XG5 lineup of NVMe solid state drives (SSDs) from Toshiba Memory Europe that are based on its 64-layer, 3D BiCS FLASH memory has been expanded. The new XG5-P is a premium sub-series that doubles the capacity and is tuned to improve full access range random read/write performance by up to 55% over standard XG5 SSDs.

The XG5-P series is designed to meet the needs of demanding PC, gaming and content delivery workloads and offers up to 2TB of storage capacity while maintaining the characteristics of ultra-thin, high-speed storage with power efficiency.

To provide a comprehensive client SSD portfolio from basic laptop storage to read-intensive enterprise use cases, Toshiba optimised the XG5 series to further accelerate applications requiring enhanced random I/O performance. Featuring a PCI Express (PCIe) Gen3 x4 lane and NVMe Revision 1.2.1 interface, XG5-P SSDs deliver what the company claims to be outstanding performance, reaching up to 3,000MB/sec of sequential read and 2,200MB/sec of sequential write, and up to 320,000 random read and 265,000 random write IOPS.

Power efficiency was maintained to achieve these data transfer rates - XG5-P SSDs consume less than 60mW.

As Toshiba’s first 2TB M.2 SSD, the XG5-P series utilises an in-house developed 1TB package solution that offers up to twice the maximum storage capacity of the standard XG5 series on the same 2.23mm thick single-sided M.2 2280 module. By maintaining a single form factor for all capacities across the complete XG5 and XG5-P product family, Toshiba makes it easier to design platforms that need flexible storage.

The XG5-P series will be available in 1 and 2TB models. Self-encrypting drive (SED) models supporting TCG Opal Version 2.01 will also be offered, making the XG5-P series well-suited for a wide range of applications that prioritise performance, as well as business applications requiring security.

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